"The primary mission of the 100 Black Men of Sacramento is to engage in the mentoring of young African American males"

The organization sponsors group mentoring programs at high schools throughout the Sacramento area. Members of the organization meet with and plan programs for students at Hiram Johnson, Kennedy, Rio Linda, Florin, McClatchy, Franklin and Valley Schools. Expansion of the program to other high schools is under consideration. Two elementary schools, Harkness Elementary and John Still, have been included in the program but more are planned.

The organization sponsors a well planned and organized series of presentations on issues of importance to African American male students and their parents. Originally limited to selected group of students, the Forum is now open to all students who care to participate.

Issues explored at the forums include the always difficult challenge of male/female relationships and the topic of law enforcement policies as they impact on young African American males.  Each year the 100 Black Men in cooperation with Kappa Alpha Psi and other interested organizations sponsors a day long conference designed to address timely issues of interest to young African American males. Participants in the organizations group mentoring programs, as well as young people.


  • Takesha Jackson says:

    I am looking tot find a mentor for my son who will be 16 in November. he needs a positive male role model to help him build up confidence and social skills that i feel he is lacking in. A mother can only teach her son so much but a male role model can show him the tools to help him build up those things.

  • Shondell Pearson says:

    I would like to get my son into the mentor program but I do not see his school listed. Does he have to attend one the the listed schools to be eligible for the program? Your program sounds really interesting and I would love for him to have the opprotunity to participate in the program.

  • Wendy Belton says:

    Hello — I am looking for a mentor for my 10th grader. My son’s name is Paul Belton, he’s 15 years old and attends Sac High. He needs a positive male in his life. He is a gifted athlete and just needs some support…the kind of support a Mom can’t offer but maybe a male figure can. Thanks

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